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GeoPeP 2003 Sampling

For the GeoPeP 2003 we drawed samples in the Eifel, Germany, during a 2-day-trip on 9./10. 05. 2003

• “Deudesfeld”, W´side of “Meerfelder Maar” / mantle xenoliths
• “Pulvermaar”, E´ of “Gillenfeld” / pyroxenites
• "Dreiser Weiher” / mantle xenoliths
• "E´ "Kempenich“ / granulites
• "Rothenberg“ / mantle xenoliths

For the further analyses we limited to the samples (xenoliths and one megacrystal) E-01-A, E-01-C and E-01-D from “Deudesfeld”, W´ side of the “Meerfelder Maar” (Fig. 1), sample E-41 from “Rothenberg”, provided from Cliff Shaw (Fig. 2) and a CPX from “Brück”.


The locations from the samples are marked in the geological maps, links below.

Geological Map Osteifel

Geological Map Westeife


Fig. 1: Photos show the outcrop near Deudesfeld, at the western side of the “Meerfelder Maar”.
The deposits are out of surges with bombs in the lower part.
The found mantle xenoliths are distributed all over the deposit.


Fig. 2: The photo shows the Basanite-Dyke in “Rothenberg”.
The rock contains few small, up to 3 cm diameter, mantle xenoliths.

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