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GeoPeP 2003

Timescales of xenolith entrainment

What are the timescales we have to do with when we talk about magma ascent, residence in and cooling of a magma chamber, differentiation and generally all the processes starting from magma building until its extrusion?

These questions are a current issue in earth-sciences and the focus of the GeoPeP 2003, the second project of this kind.

Therefore we went to the Eifel and sampled mantle and crust xenoliths. On their rims we supposed to find diffusion-caused (see chapter 3.3) concentration gradients, which give us implications for the mentioned process rates. For the following investigations we organized two subprojects distributed in two groups:

Electron Microprobe Analysis: Sonja Pabst and Magdalena Banaszak

Laser-Ablation ICP-MS: Michel Bechtold

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