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GeoPeP 2001 Projekt Outline

The aim of the project was to reconstruct melting- and crystallisation processes of mafic East Eifel volcanics.

In the first few weeks we worked on literature (9) and discussed some problems (2).
Each member of the group began to prepare for one sub-project he/she was responsible for:

Erik Müller:

Whole-rock solution ICP-MS (5)

Philipp Ruprecht:

Laser-ablation ICP-MS of green-core clinopyroxenes (7)

Silke Triebold:

Electron microprobe analysis of green-core clinopyroxenes (6)

Wencke Wegner:

Quantitative petrography (8)

The samples were taken on June 2 and 3 (3). They were prepared for the different analytical methods
during the following week. After that XRF-measurements were made.
Petrographic descriptions and interpretations were made using the optical microscope (4).

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