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Microtephra Project

Geochemical signatures of tephra layers in Antarctic ice cores (EDML and Dome Fujii) : Implications for source identification, palaeoatmospheric circulation and ice core correlations

Tephra layers in isce cores from Antarctica help to constrain corrleations between distant deep ice cores and represent important time markers in the case they can be related to an eruption of known age. These time markers can be combined with existing chemo-stratigraphic parameters such as stratigraphy based on δ18O and δD/H.

To that end, we plan to determine major and trace element compositions, grain size and morphologxy of tephra layers from the deep ice cores EPICA-Dronning Maud Land and Dome Fuji (Dronning Maud Land).

This data will be used for correlations to other ice cores from Marie Byrd Land (West Antarctica), Vostok and Dome C (Wilkes Land). Such data will also allow the identification of potential source areas for the tephra, e.g.volcanic regions in Antarctica (Ross Sea Rift, Marie Bird Land, South Shetland Islands) as well as New Zealand, Patagonia and the volcanic ozean islands in the southern oceans. With such correlation we hope to provide important data for relevant glaciological problems (e.g. snow accumulation rates, distribution patterns of tephra and thus palaeo-wind patterns), which are of general interest to research in Antarctica.

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