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Isotopic evolution at San Pedro -Linzor volcanic chain, Central Andes.

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Godoy, Benigno; Martínez, Paula; LeRoux, Petrus; Kojima, Shoji; de Silva, Shan; Morata, Diego; Parada, Miguel Angel
Congreso Geol Soc Chile
The San Pedro –Linzor volcanic chain located in the Central Andean volcanic zone runs along the western border of the Altiplano-Puna magma body(APMB). The APMB corresponds to a partially molten upper crustal (0.7075) to San Pedro (es in the isotopic ratios would be associated with different extends of interaction between mantle-derived magmas and the APMB. Thus, erupted lavas in the SE would have assimilated more crustal material than those that evolved in the NW-most part of the volcanic chain
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