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Seit 1986 haben wir uns an verschiedenen Projekten in den zentralen Anden beteiligt. Pasttopics reichen von detaillierte Untersuchungen einzelner Vulkane (Parincaota, Taapaca, Ollagüe), Zeit -Raum geochemischen und isotopischen Variationen von Magma Genese so wie sedimentologische, geomorphologische und geochemische Untersuchungen im Zusammenhang Anden erhoben, um Prozesse der magmagenesis. Im folgenden finden Sie eine Beschreibung unserer aktuellen Aktivitäten in den Anden.

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European Volcanism

European Volcanism : Teide, Vesuv/Campi Flegrei

ERUPT (European Research on Understanding Processes and Timescales in magma systems)
Projektleiter Wörner, zusammen mit JProf. A. Heuman and Dr. B. Scheibner
EU-Network - Projekt (5.Frameworkprogramme)

Important questions concerning eruptions - how big? what type? how frequent? can be addressed by examining the record contained within rocks erupted from a volcano, or frozen beneath it. Our objective in ERUPT is to provide new methodologies to relate the characteristics of volcanic rocks to the conditions leading to their eruption. Extending the volcanological constraints to integrate the geochemical and physical record of magma differentiation that is preserved in the rocks is the underlying principle of this proposal.

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Microtephra Project

Geochemical signatures of tephra layers in Antarctic ice cores (EDML and Dome Fujii) : Implications for source identification, palaeoatmospheric circulation and ice core correlations

Tephra layers in isce cores from Antarctica help to constrain corrleations between distant deep ice cores and represent important time markers in the case they can be related to an eruption of known age. These time markers can be combined with existing chemo-stratigraphic parameters such as stratigraphy based on δ18O and δD/H.

To that end, we plan to determine major and trace element compositions, grain size and morphologxy of tephra layers from the deep ice cores EPICA-Dronning Maud Land and Dome Fuji (Dronning Maud Land).

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Geology and evolution of the volcanic basement of the Chagres Basin (Panama) : structural and lithological control on water discharge to the Panama Canal

Projektleiter Wörner. In cooperation with Dr. R. Harmon (Army Research Office, N. Carolina, USA)
Finanzierung durch DFG und Mittel der Kooperationspartner

With every large ship that passes the Panama Canal, sveral million cubic meters of water are needed. The Chargres Basin is the larges drainage basin providing water to the Canal zone. It is coverd mostly by primary and ecologically untouched rain forest. A multidisciplinary project involving ecologists, biologists, soil scientists, hydrologists and geologists attempts to develop a complete understanding of this reserve.

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